Nanny for the Millionaire Twins

Author: Susan Meier

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Chance Montgomery’s life is a mess.  The woman he thought he loved left him when she learned that she was pregnant with his babies and then six months after their birth dropped them off with him and left without a backwards glance.  He’s now the single father of twins and caring for them while running his own business is proving to be impossible which is what prompted his move back home.  A move that he isn’t at all happy about but knows he needs the help his mother can provide.

Tory Bingham accepted the position of nanny for Chance’s twins which in and of itself is no hardship.  She adores the babies, Sam and Cindy, but her own personal life is in turmoil and it has been for years – ever since the horrific accident that stole her dreams and left her future uncertain.   She struggles with her own issues while aiding Chance in caring for the twins – all while trying hard not to fall in love with their father.


Chance makes no secrets about his unhappiness over his mother’s hiring a nanny to help take care of Sam and Cindy.  He may not be a Mr. Mom and know everything there is to know about childcare but he’s not going to leave his children’s care to some stranger.  Fortunately Tory and Chance come to a tenuous understanding - especially after she clues him into the parenting godsends known as baby swings and walkers.  Chance is so wrapped up in his own troubles that he doesn’t realize that Tory might have troubles of her own but when she requests several days off each week he realizes that she has a life outside of him and the children.  Her life isn’t all sunshine, roses and good times though; the time she takes off is spent visiting her comatose fiancé.  The trouble is that there’s a good chance Jason will never regain consciousness and they’ll never have a future together – and she’s extremely attracted to Chance.  Happily-ever-after just seems like a pipe dream with her standing on the outside looking in.  Moving on with her own life seems like a huge betrayal and she’s not about to do that to Jason. Chance understands her reluctance to let go of Jason, but doesn’t she deserve a happy future – one with a husband and children?


I’m so impressed with Susan Meier’s NANNY FOR MILLIONAIRE TWINS.  This story is emotionally charged right from the beginning and builds on that intensity through to the very end.  While I couldn’t help but feel bad for Chance and the disappointments he’s suffered my heart really went out to Tory because she’s caught in a sort of limbo and her whole future hinges on whether or not Jason recovers.  This is one of those books that gives readers a different perspective on what it would be like to be the fiancée of a comatose patient – and how do you move on with your own life while at the same time holding on to the hope of recovery.  Ms. Meier’s approaches the whole situation with an obvious deep understanding and empathy and through her writing allows readers to experience each soul shattering moment – along with the dream of a happy future.  I loved the intensity of this story but was thrilled that it was broken up somewhat by the babies and the happiness Tory experiences when she’s with them – even if she is confused by her feelings for their dad.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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