Nappily Faithful
By tasha
Jan 7, 2008 - 12:08:50 PM

NAPPILY FAITHFUL is the continuing saga of Venus and her husband Jake.   After her husband is found to be innocent of suspicion of murder charges Venus and Jake decide to move to Atlanta from California to make a fresh start.   Things are on rocky ground between Venus and Jake, as they have to learn to trust and depend on each other after seeds of doubt have entered their marriage.   To add fuel to an emerging firs storm their daughter’s biological father Airic, is trying to see her after a three-year absence in his daughter’s life.   Venus continuously denies him access to see their daughter.  Venus soon gets a whammy in the mail… Airic is taking her to court for visitation rights for a child who does not know him.   Airic has since married and his wife is a respected televangelist who wants the child to make herself look good and feel better.   All hell breaks loose as each player in this game does whatever it takes to come out on top.   Will Jake and Venus’ marriage survive one more upheaval?   Will Venus lose her daughter to an unscrupulous ex and his scheming wife?   This is an explosive story with a climatic ending.

I found NAPPILY FAITHFUL to be a dynamic and intriguing story.   Venus is a street-smart woman who will use any means necessary to protect her family.   She uses all the tricks of the game to expose Airic and his wife for the charlatans they are.   Airic’s wife soon finds competing with a little girl for her man’s affection more that she can handle and begins to scheme on her on own.   There is so much duplicity, deception, and conniving in this story it had my head all mixed up.   Who are you supposed to side with when all the characters have revealed major flaws?   I found myself identifying with each character on some level.   They all had my sympathy at one point and my anger at the next point.   This is an awesome story with a righteous ending.   I wonder if Venus will make another appearance or is the end of her story?

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