Nashville Heat

Author: Bethany Michaels

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Release Date: April 4, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Sydney Stratton left her family in Indiana to make a name for herself.  After arriving in Nashville, she joined the band Road Kill.  Now they play mostly small, out of the way bars and she works for a catering service to make ends meet.  She has a roommate to help pay the rent, even though her roommate Becca does not spend much time at the small apartment they share.  Sydney and her band have been sending out demo tapes to all the labels in Nashville, but with no response, so far.  Critics say she should dress sexier.  However, Sydney wants people to come see her for her music, not for the way she dresses.

Dex Wilder is the new up and coming star.  His picture is everywhere and he has to have a guard watch out for groupies trying to get in to see him.  He has received threats from women and recently, a crazed woman who was convinced she was his wife and he was her cheating husband attacked him in his dressing room in Tulsa.  She even had a gun, though it was not loaded.


Sydney first meets Dex when he attends an event her boss is catering.  When she gets off work, he is waiting for her and they have a memorable time on the parking lot.  However, not wanting to be considered one of his groupies, she leaves without giving him her phone number or her name.


Tired of getting nowhere with her music career, Sydney goes to the Sommet Center, where an event is being held, and tries to sneak one of her demo tapes into Sara Ann Reynolds’ dressing room.  Ms. Reynolds is a huge star who was just inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The problem is she does not know which dressing room belongs to Ms. Reynolds.  As she tries to find the right room, a guard sees her.  Trying to escape the guard, she slips into a nearby dressing room.  However, the guard catches up with her and handcuffs her just as the occupant of the dressing room appears in the doorway…Dex Wilder.  Once more, they have a great time together, though this time she tells him her name.  When she brings up all of his groupies, he tells her not to believe everything she reads.  However, as soon as he is called out of the room, she leaves again, deciding she will not return.


The next day, Dex calls her and leaves a message, reminding her that she left the demo tape in his dressing room.  Then Becca comes home waving a singer-songwriter contest notice.  All Sydney needs to do is send in a demo tape.  Not wanting to call Dex, she checks with her band, but none of them has a copy.  Then she calls around, thinking of having a new demo tape made, but all of the ones she can afford are booked up.  Will she go back to Dex, get her copy of the tape and risk seeing him again?  Can she chance being drawn into his life?  If she dates Dex and she starts being successful, will people say she only made it because of Dex?


NASHVILLE HEAT is a steamy hot contemporary erotic romance.  Doing everything she can to make it on her own, the last thing Sydney wants is a relationship to mess it up.  A girl has already filed a paternity suit against Dex and Sydney is wondering if he really fathered the child.  So, the attraction is definitely there, but she doesn’t want to be considered one of his groupies and she doesn’t want it to hurt her career.  While she is doing everything she can to pull away, he is doing everything he can to get them together.  Every encounter they have ends in explosive heat.  Filled with romance, interesting characters, very sensual love scenes and an appealing plot, this story is a delight for anyone who likes plenty of steam with their romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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