Natural Born Charmer

Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: April 29, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Dean Robillard spots a woman in a beaver costume walking down the road, he is a bit stumped. What in the heck is this woman doing? It turns out that the beaver is really Blue Bailey, a woman who is jobless, homeless, and angry at her ex-boyfriend. It is a tempestuous combination as Dean is about to find out.

Of course, Dean is having some trouble of his own. A recent shoulder surgery has left him unable to play for the Chicago Stars, the NFL team in which he stars as quarterback. Blue’s problems give him some respite from his own personal worries and he gladly (though he does not let it show) lets her ride with him. But Blue has nowhere to go. She is a wandering portrait artist who tries to stay far away from emotional bonds. Though they do not quite realize it yet, Dean and Blue are about to start on an adventure together that will test the emotional restraints they have placed on themselves for so long. As they journey to Dean’s East Tennessee farm, love starts to brew. But can it last, especially when the farm and the surrounding town hold many surprises for Dean and Blue.


NATURAL BORN CHARM is Susan Elizabeth Phillips at her most charming and lovely. Readers will recognize Dean Robillard from Phillips’ previous story, MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. But in this book, he plays a starring role and he definitely brings on the charm and seduction. Dean presents a façade to most of the world, but with Blue in his car, on their road trip, it is hard for that façade to stay in place, especially when Blue has the uncanny ability to see through his persona. They share a sparkling and snappy chemistry that reverberates in the plot, dialogue, and love scenes. The secondary characters bring out new edges to both Blue and Dean, ensuring that readers are in for a full ride on every page of this story. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has truly become a master at articulating the difficulties and joys of love and relationships. Blue and Dean face trials together, but they pull through with humor, love, and pleasure to spare. NATURAL BORN CHARMER tugs at the heartstrings and brings on the laughter, all the marks of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips success!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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