Natural Born Charmer
By Phyllis Ingram
Jun 22, 2007 - 11:57:58 AM

Blue Bailey is not a happy camper in the beaver suit. Blue is a wandering portrait painter, but is new in town and is doing promotion for Ben’s Big Beaver Lumber Yard.  Blue had to leave the beaver head behind the billboard, as her ride did not show.  She was on her way back to the rooming house.  When she arrived, she'd probably murder her ex-boyfriend, Monty.  Monty has dumped Blue for a much younger girl, after Blue had followed him to town.  Blue had seen Monty driving the car she had bought and was furious. Blue takes Dean up on his offer of a ride as it so hot and she actually recognizes Dean from the underwear ads. Big mistake. Dean wants to know if the beaver intended to gnaw his upholstery.  I laughed out loud. You must read the descriptions of Blue in this beaver suit trying to get into a sports car.


Was Blue so desperate for a ride that she would accept one from a stranger? Does Blue really try to kill Monty?   Does Blue really think Dean is gay?


Dean has been trying to get in touch with his housekeeper, Mrs. O’Hara, by telephone and is suspicious because she never answers, but sends him e-mails all the time.   Is she actually supervising the renovations?   Is she just cashing the checks or is work progressing on his property?   Mrs. O’Hara has great ideas for the place, but are they being developed?   What’s with this lady?  


When Dean and Blue arrive in the town of Garrison, they find it’s for sale by mean old lady Nita Garrison.   Why does Dean not like older rocker Jack Patriot’s music?  Why does Jack’s daughter Riley Patriot show up at the farm two weeks after her mother Molly Moffit dies?   So many questions and you will be surprised at the answers.


NATURAL BORN CHARMER is another masterpiece from Susan Elizabeth Phillips.   She once again offers the reader a marvelous heart warming story with this final book about the Chicago Stars.   I am such a fan, and had the pleasure of meeting her in Newport News, Virginia during her book signing tour this year.   Her stories have always entertained me, but hearing her read, and having her tell us about her career was a highlight in my life.   She is an amazing lady.    I am a listener of books on tape and was saddened to know of the death of Anna Fields/Kate Fleming who has read sixteen of SEP’s books.   NATURAL BORN CHARMER is her last reading.   I have bought it on CD but will not open it.   I have borrowed the CD from the library in addition to reading the book.


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