Natural Persuasion
By J.T.
Oct 2, 2006 - 2:09:00 AM

Julie Reagan is a tall, unattached, well-educated woman of thirty-three years with a burning desire to have a child. She also fits the requirements of the personal ad of one Jordan McIntyre perfectly. As they both seem to have a mutual goal of having a baby with no emotions involved, it seems like the best way to get her deepest wish fulfilled. What she does not count on is meeting the most infuriating, intriguing man who refuses to take NO for an answer.

Jordan is fascinated by this straight talking woman who stirs his interest from the very first, and now his desire within the time span of a short lunch. His initial plan of going about this baby making endeavor in a staid, emotionally detached fashion goes flying out the window the minute he sets eyes on her. Now, all he wants is a passionate affair with her, if only he can get Julie to accept his new hands-on proposal. All Jordan has to do is convince her that procreation by natural means is way better than the clinical method of artificial insemination that she is hoping for.


As Jordan and Julie explore the possibility of creating and caring for a child together, individuals are at work, trying to break the couple apart. Will these malevolent forces be able to destroy the fragile relationship developing between the two hardheads, or will Jordan have the stubbornness to win Julie in this battle for his future happiness? Carol McPhee definitely delivers a fascinating tale of passion and suspense where following one's NATURAL PERSUAION may just be the way to achieving one heart's desires.

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