Naughty Games: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 30, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Bev Navarro secretly lusted for and loved Holden Lancaster even though she knew that he only saw her as a friend and a study buddy. When he throws a party celebrating the purchase of his first house she of course attends. A fun party game of SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN has her locked in a closet with Holden giving her a glimpse of his passion and cementing his place in her heart. But his betrayal right after their steamy encounter has her fleeing and losing the one man she always wanted for her own.

Holden Lancaster has always lusted after his brainy yet beautiful friend Bev; she just never seemed to notice him. When a party game lands her in his arms he pulls out all the stops in the hope that Bev will finally see how much he wants her. But a mistake and harsh words have her fleeing his arms and his life. Seven minutes will never be enough and Holden will do what he must to get back the girl he's always wanted for his own.


A birthday celebration will bring these two back together and offer them a second chance at love. Can they overcome hurt feelings and misunderstandings and let themselves finally fall in love?


SEVEN MINUTES IS HEAVEN takes a somewhat innocent teenage game that many have enjoyed over the years and heats it up to the extreme. Sexy and emotional Ms. Matthews takes friends to lovers to a new height that left me breathless and wanting more from this new series right away. Cleverly crafted and composed she starts off by introducing all the players in this series and then focuses solely on Holden and Bev. Their tale of unrequited love will pull on your heartstrings and have you cheering them on from page one.


Bev is independent smart and completely unaware of her appeal as a woman. She sees herself through the eyes of the role she feels she plays in the lives of her friends and is hard pressed to break free from that mold initially. Her unhappiness and emotional pain from her brief encounter with Holden is told in frank terms and makes her vulnerable and real to the reader. She is every woman with insecurities and incredible depth that had me liking her from the start.


Holden is self-assured and is somewhat type cast by his role in their small group of friends. His motivations are laced with the best of intentions but his delivery of them is flawed. He struggles to make Bev see the truth of his heart at the end of their encounter but his actions do more bad then good. His intentions are pure and as he finally sees through Bev's eyes the pain she felt he is remorseful and eager to right the wrongs of their past.


Together they build on their mistakes and head toward love and forgiveness. Tender and erotic in one perfectly paced novel SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is a pure joy to read and has me waiting anxiously for the next installment of Ms. Matthews NAUGHTY GAMES series. All in all this is a hot, sexy, and emotionally charged tale of love against the odds and a definite keeper.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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