Naughty Housewives
By Zoe Knighton
Apr 2, 2007 - 3:04:00 PM


Distraught about her husband's infidelity, Shelby intends to settle the score. She thinks that after she sleeps with another man, Shelby can let go of her anger so they can work on repairing the damage to their marriage. When she takes home a sexy bartender, it awakens something inside her in ways she hadn't planned on. Will Shelby and Eric be able to save their marriage?


Lori and Kent are on the same page when it comes to planning for their future. Compatible everywhere, but they have allowed the passion to cool in the bedroom. Tired of settling for scraps of affection at the end of the day, Lori takes charge of the situation. Will Kent respond to his wife's new attitude?




Dani has found her prince charming in her new husband, Trevor. Encouraged to explore her new home, Dani stumbles upon his collection of risqué European porn. Shocked and secretly aroused, Dani doesn't know what to think of it. Will sparks fly when she confronts Trevor with her discovery?



NAUGHTY HOUSEWIVES shows that passion and desire need not disappear after the wedding vows. These three stories fit together nicely and give the entire book a stylish cohesive edge. Including this endearing and arousing book to your library will be a welcomed addition. This book should and will be read time and time again and is a perfect tool for getting "in the mood" for or with your significant other.

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