Naughty Little Secret

Author: Shelley Bradley

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: August 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Ebook

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Noah Reeves has been in love with Lauren for ten years; ten long years during which he watched her strive to make a marriage work and raise children alone while her emotionally frozen husband ignored her.  Now, two years after Lauren's divorce, Noah is unable to wait any longer and so he comes up with a plan. A plan to woo and seduce Lauren and make her understand that there is a man whom she can love and rely on to hold her throughout the night; him. 

Lauren Southall has secretly been in love with Noah for years.  She has been unable to look at other men since her divorce; all of her fantasies revolve around Noah, her friend and her boss.  Knowing that relationships cause pain and heartache, Lauren is unwilling to risk her heart again; that is, until a mysterious note and gift are left on her desk at work.  After reading the note, Lauren finds herself willing to go along with the instructions, much to Noah's supposed dismay.  She and Noah exchange harsh words in which Lauren lets him know that under no circumstances should he interfere with her mystery man.  Noah doesn’t like her request but he agrees and Lauren leaves.  She has to get home and set herself up to be seduced.  


NAUGHTY LITTLE SECRET was naughty all right.  I still don't think I have recovered!  As a boss, Noah was fair, balanced, and extremely on task with his lists and strategies.  As a lover, his actions were poignant and demanding.  I thought his no-holds-barred idea of winning Lauren's love highly effective; I would not have been able to resist him.  Lauren could be any woman who has gone through a tough divorce and is afraid to give her heart and love again.  It was in Lauren's surrender that Ms. Bradley's talent as a writer shined. 


NAUGHTY LITTLE SECRET by Shelley Bradley should come with its own warning label that states, "Warning! This novel may cause heart palpitations, sweating, and tears.  Ice chips and a cold shower recommended!"  It was just that hot and more.  Shelley Bradley takes the reader on a whirlwind of emotions throughout NAUGHTY LITTLE SECRET.  After having read it I could not be more satisfied.  Highly erotic and extremely tender at the same time, this book made me smile, cry, and squirm in my seat.  Congrats Ms. Bradley for writing a novel that will make the readers feel the emotions of the characters.  Not only feel, but also yearn to BE the characters.  This one is definitely a keeper. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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