Naughty Mistress Nita
By Lady Luck
Jan 24, 2004 - 12:15:00 AM

NAUGHTY MISTRESS NITA is an intriguing blend of naughty and nice. The story focuses on Anita, a minister's daughter from a tiny town where everyone knows your business. Anita is a woman who has lived her entire life by the circumscriptive strictures proscribed by the town's expectations of her place in society. However, she’s a woman who wears red satin and black lace panties underneath her pink twin set and khakis.

Zane Matthews is a man whose divorce is almost final and whose friends believe that all he needs to get out of his funk is a session with the local dominatrix.  Zane is definitely not of the same opinion.  When he finds the “dominatrix” asleep in his bed after coming home from fishing, well, there’s no reason not to show her that he can’t be dominated, is there?


I thought the interactions between Anita and Zane were the perfect blend of liveliness, sensuality and exploration.  Both Anita and Zane need to work out issues that have been plaguing them for a significant period of time, and they begin their individual processes with this relationship.  I liked Ms. Copeland’s pacing of this story and her characterizations were very well done.  I look forward to seeing more from her.

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