Naughty Nibbles Anthology
By Lacey
Sep 7, 2007 - 3:13:54 PM

This Time by Sierra Cartwright


Emily had one chance to get it right. She tried having “normal” relationships, but the D/S lifestyle fits her best. Upon meeting Sir Sterling, her dreams come true, as she finds what she’s longed for, someone that knows her better than she knew herself. But emotions overwhelm her and she succumbs to her fear and flees Sterling’s house. But now she’s back, and willing to risk everything—even her heart—to prove she’s worthy of him. But this time, it’s no holds bar and Emily must meet his every demand, with no guarantee she’ll get what she desires.

With an incredibly erotic tale, Ms. Cartwright starts the anthology off with a bang. Woven simultaneously with character depth and an imaginative plot, Emily and Sterling’s story is a unique tale of love and acceptance. An enjoyable read.


Fed Up by Sierra Cartwright


Elizabeth Driscoll is fed up with her husband ignoring her. In an effort to make her husband see how unhappy she is with his work schedule, Beth plans a pleasurable night where she’s in charge and intent on reminding her husband why he should never neglect her again. Little did Jonathon Driscoll know his mousy wife had such a tigress wild side. Not that he’s complaining, but sweet Beth’s never revealed this side of her personality. Stunned speechless, Jonathon gives into her demands, only to gain enough pleasure to last him a lifetime…and then some.


The second installment from Ms. Cartwright in this anthology, FED UP, is a likable tale about feminine power. Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands to get what she wants and has fun while doing so. A wonderful read for all women around.


213 High Street: Peepshow by Christy Lockhart


Owner of an upscale adult toyshop, Sophie takes pleasure in testing the products as they arrive. But she never dreamed that amidst the trial run, so close to bliss, sexy officer Ryan Kelley would walk in on all the fun. She thought she locked the doors, but the peeping tom proved her wrong. Ryan, however, is happy to help in the experimentation. Wanting to prove to Sophie it’s no fun “testing” products alone, he and Sophie embark on fun-filled night. After all, it’s all in the name of science…


Christy Lockhart talent shines through on the pages of her stories. Her scenes come to life in this short story, making it a fun, sexy read. If you like surprises, then this story is for you. Very enjoyable from start to finish.


Everyday, In a Letter by Christy Lockhart


Alan bravely serves his country in the armed forces. Unfortunately, to his wife Meghan, that means he spends plenty of time away from home. In an effort to keep their passion alive, they commit to writing love notes, delving into their deepest, darkest fantasies. Meghan pictures Alan’s words as if he truly is there with her, and when he is sent out on leave, she makes his wildest dreams come true. After all, there’s nothing better than a hunky man in uniform…or better yet, out of uniform.


Military stories are a personal favorite of mine, and this one is special. Ms. Lockhart pinned a tale about a real-life issue with a sexy solution. Her characters jump off the pages, making the reader feel engaged until the end. I enjoyed reading this story tremendously.


Imagine by SL Majors


Chloe pictured in her mind the perfect man that would please her and has waited her entire life to find him. So when tall and sexy Adam comes into her life, she finds in him the man she’s been looking for. Knowing exactly what she needs, Adam takes her to new highs and is around to please her whenever she wants. Chloe couldn’t have possibly imagined a more perfect man.


Who wouldn’t like the perfect man pleasing them at their every beck and call? SL Majors constructed a story of the ultimate fantasy coming to life. Chloe’s dreams came true in Adam and that’s only half the fun. A fascinating tale that will have you fantasizing about your own perfect hero.


Balls to the Walls by SL Majors


Callum is a young football player seeking the expertise of personal trainer David Browning, owner of a prestigious training facility known as Balls to the Walls. After three months of training with David, Callum finds himself attracted to the man. Stepping out of the shower after a workout one day, Callum spots David half-naked, shaving at the sink, and decides this is his chance. He may be younger and less experienced, but Callum was determined to make David notice him—not as a client, but as a man.


SL Majors creates vivid worlds in her writing that are sure to keep readers thinking about them long after being read. I enjoyed David’s patience and Callum’s energy throughout the story. A great addition to the anthology.

These three authors have contributed to one of the best erotic anthologies I’ve ever read. Each brings two stories, filled with sexy premises and talented, strong writing. A job well done, ladies, for creating a very memorable read. I look forward to reading more of these talented authors works. I give the NAUGHTY NIBBLES ANTHOLOGY a high recommendation.

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