Naughty Nuptials - Groom's Gift
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 10, 2007 - 10:28:50 AM

John Waite is about to get married. Things aren’t too happy in paradise at the moment. He has to fly back and forth between Chicago where he lives and New York for work. His bride-to-be prefers him to stay in Chicago. John isn’t sure he even knows what’s in the works as far as his wedding is concerned. He can’t keep up with his intended and her constant changes. One would almost think he’s begun to change his mind.

Libby Taylor is in love with John and they’ve never met. She’s been working to help his father, Nathan, adjust to his loss of eyesight as a result of a stroke. As they’ve worked together with computer programs and other visual aids, he’s talked more and more about his son.


Libby was supposed to meet John at a party, but he was sidetracked by the woman he’s to marry. As the wedding draws nearer Libby is desperate to have one night with John.


Her friend Malcolm who designed the bride’s gown is assisting Libby in her attempt to spend one night with John. Malcolm wraps Libby with bows strategically placed and gets her to John’s place.


When John returns home from his bachelor party, he finds her waiting for him. At first he thinks she’s a lady-of-the-evening but she convinces him that she’s his gift. To make the night better, there’s a bag of adult toys that he brought home from the bachelor party. He has great plans to make use of them. But what happens when the night is over and they’re faced with his impending wedding?


Beth Kery has written a delightful NAUGHTY NUPTIALS Quickie titled GROOM’S GIFT. She combines humor, erotic love play and plain old fashioned love in equal parts to make a great short story. John and Libby are a delightful couple. The secondary characters are equally entertaining and I’d love to see what happens to Malcolm and Nathan.


GROOM’S GIFT is a must read this summer and it also belongs on the keeper shelf.

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