Naughty Paris
By Kathleen R
Jun 19, 2007 - 9:17:00 AM

Autumn Maguire’s fiancé has taken off with her young female assistant.   She is totally embarrassed at being dumped.   Autumn feels middle-aged, overweight, and bitter.   There is one consolation though, she has prepaid honeymoon tickets to Paris.   Autumn hopes the trip to the City of Lights will improve her spirits even though she’s going alone.

Autumn is caught in a sudden downpour while looking for something affordable in the Marais art district.   She ducks out of the rain and into a studio.   When lightening cracks, she’s intent on staying inside and chats with a short, aged painter.   He notices how beautiful her red hair is and convinces her to pose as his model.   Time passes as he paints her portrait.   On a break from posing, she peeks behind a drape and sees a portrait of a handsome, distinguished man.   When she asks the painter about the subject, he tells her that Paul Borquet had completed this self-portrait before he disappeared in 1889.   Beside the portrait, a statue with a feathered crown catches her eye, and she picks it up.   The painter explains that she’s holding a likeness of the Egyptian god, Min, who has the power to grant youth and beauty.   He warns Autumn to obtain those things in spite of the consequences, a person must sell their soul and promise never to fall in love.   If she falls in love, she will return back to her present state.   When she agrees to the black magic rules, everything goes blurry.   Faint, she grabs the drape in front of the painting to steady herself, and the heavy fabric comes down on her head.   When she can’t get it off, she hears laughter from a deep voice before going unconscious.


In his small studio, Paul Borquet feels a surge of lifelike lightening.   He grips his cane and frees Autumn from the drape.   He knows he’s seen this beautiful creature before, holding the statue of Min. He knows if he paints her, he can express all his human needs.   To keep her warm and safe, he places a hooded red velvet cloak around the sleeping young girl.   He is determined to be careful with his feelings and mindful of the perilous occult.   Autumn senses danger when she’s awakened by arrogant Paul Borquet.   Will Paul seduce Autumn so that she stays with him?   What dangers await Autumn?   When must she go back to the present?


Juna Bacar’s book, NAUGHTY PARIS, is a humorous, erotic tale of the unpredictable currents of love and life.   It is a beautifully written love story in the romantic city of Paris.   Bacarr writes with a deep knowledge of Paris and the French language.   I had so much fun identifying with the heroine Autumn Maguire.   I was magically drawn to Autumn and Paul during their perilous romp into the occult.   I absolutely adored Paul’s conviction to keep Autumn, especially when he’s angry and frustrated while striking a bargain in Black Magic.   NAUGHTY PARIS will make readers believe in love in all its major transformations.   Go to your nearest bookstore and buy this touching novel!

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