Nauti Seductress
By Angel Brewer
Jan 18, 2016 - 10:56:36 PM

Zoey Mackay has a problem; she is under the influence of a psychoactive drug that gives her nightmares.  Zoey has no idea who gave her the drug or why they would want to hurt her.  Chatham is her only light in a world of darkness, but she knows the anger her brother will have if he finds out that she is seeing Chatham.  Zoey must find a way to find out who did this to her and why before her brother finds out that there is something wrong with her.

Chatham Doogan came to the rescue the night that Zoey was injected with the terrible serum that gives her nightmares of violence and murder.  Chatham was the one to help bring her down from those horrible terrors and never let her brother know what happened to her.  Chatham is determined to find out who is the culprit behind the evil act and why, however, he will no longer fight the powerful need to claim Zoey as his own.


The Mackay sisters have nothing on their siblings and Zoey is one to prove that in NAUTI SEDUCTRESS.  Zoey is a brave and strong heroine who is trying desperately to find out who put her in the dangerous situation she is in.  She finds hope in Chatham, the dark and passionate hero of our story who is certain to come to our heroine’s rescue.  Both characters are strong willed which makes the story, even more, interesting. The steam between this couple is never ending and the love scenes are classic Lora Leigh style with plenty of heat to keep readers turning the pages.  NAUTI SEDUCTRESS is an awesome read with lots of suspense to keep the reader interested and wanting more.  Lora Leigh has done an excellent job creating another book in the NAUTI series and telling another tale of the Mackay sisters.

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