Nauti Boys, Book 4: Nauti Intentions
By Natasha Smith
Apr 1, 2009 - 8:17:43 AM

Alex Jansen is too old and jaded for the likes of Janey Mackay, the younger sister of one of his best friends.  Alex knows he is too old, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming and lusting after one tiny little vixen named Janey Mackay.

When Janey was drugged by her father and then subsequently threatened by her aunt, Alex thought his heart would stop before he would be able to rescue her.  And rescue her he did, and when the smoked cleared, one thing was certain – Janey Mackay was going to be his – no matter what Natches, his family, or even Janey herself had to say about it.  Alex has waited long enough, and the intentions he has towards Janey are anything but honorable, and to be honest, they are quite naughty.


Because of her abusive father and the control he had over her, Janey Mackay has had no choice but to sit back and watch Alex Jansen almost her entire life.  She has loved him for so long she can’t even remember when she didn’t.  However, just because she loves him doesn’t mean she is willing to take what he gives her without him loving her back.  She isn’t willing to settle for handouts – she’s earned the right to be independent. But when threats starting coming in, she loses some of that hard won independence when Alex decides he is sticking to her like glue until the danger passes.  Janey can only hope that when he is done with her, she will be able to survive with her memories.


Lora Leigh’s writing skills and innate ability to weave a love story leave me speechless every single time I finish reading and close one of her books.  NAUTI INTENTIONS is such a book.  I met Alex Jansen in NAUTI NIGHTS; he is Dawg’s brother in law, and since then I have been fixated on this alpha male character.  Alex is in the armed services and tough as nails.  He is not willing to put up with fools, nor is he willing to allow his woman to be in harm’s way.  “His way or the high way” came to mind more than once reading this enticing book, but it worked for me.  He was fiercely protective without smothering and dangerous when threatened.  Alex and his sinfully wicked sensuality made me blush more than once but kept me enthralled.  Janey Mackay brought out the mothering instinct in me.  She had to fight her entire life to suppress her feelings in order to protect her loved ones.  Watching Janey blossom from a shy, innately quiet woman to the vixen in love with, and willing to take a chance on, Alex Jansen just made me happy and swooning in anticipation of their love scenes. 


NAUTI INTENTIONS is my favorite NAUTI BOYS book to date.  Readers will be sighing at the love and often times comedic antics of Janey as she tries to bend Alex to her will. I am not sure she was successful, but one thing is for certain, their journey was worth every single minute of the time they spent together. 


Passionate, boldly provocative, and yes, rather naughty – NAUTI INTENTIONS is a must read! Lora Leigh’s got another winner on her hands, and I am looking forward already to the next installment, NAUTI DECEPTIONS. 

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