Nauti Nights
By Natasha Smith
Oct 1, 2007 - 10:33:00 AM

Crista Jenson is in the wrong place at definitely the wrong time. Trying to locate a box of items she had shipped to town when she moved back home, she is stunned to discover a warehouse full of bad guys and even meaner enforcement officers. Men are screaming, bullets are flying, and the biggest surprise of all comes in the very virile and devastatingly handsome visage of Dawg Mackay, town bad boy and secret DEA agent. Dawg gets Crista out of harm’s way and in doing so gives her an ultimatum she can’t very well refuse.  

Dawg Mackay doesn’t know why Crista Jenson is in the warehouse during a DEA sting but he is going to find out if he has to kidnap her to get answers. And kidnap her he does. He takes her to his boat, the one place he calls home. There Dawg demands answers; answers Crista is unable to give. Since she isn’t talking there is just one thing for Dawg to do. He is going to make sure she sticks to him like glue and if he has to keep her on his boat, then so be it.  


Passions flare and sparks fly. Crista and Dawg circle each other warily until the chemistry between them builds to an excruciating need. Giving in to their desires, the two come together in blazing heat.   Feelings long denied are uncovered and these two lovers have no choice but to surrender to what their hearts demand – love each other as completely and as naughty as they can.


NAUTI NIGHTS is the second book of Lora Leigh’s Nauti series and proves to be exactly as the title alludes. Nauti to the core, Dawg Mackay is hardcore and refuses to apologize for his ways. Investigating missing weapons and possible illegal links to Crista, Dawg does what he thinks best. And his best is hot enough to scorch the pages of this book. Virile, sexy and downright lusty, Dawg tops my list of “bitable” men. The man can ratchet up the heat in this book with one searing look. Crista with her sassy attitude and witty banter is no slouch when it comes to standing up to Dawg. She baits and taunts the forceful hero, and the reader is left holding her breath waiting to see who wins the next round. In my opinion, they both do.  


Grab the ice before picking up this book! And give yourself plenty of time for an engrossing read, because once you start, you won’t set it down before the final word. Lora Leigh, being the prolific author that I have come to love and adore, has just whetted my appetite for more. The third book of this Nauti series, Natches’ story, is due to be released next year.  


NAUTI NIGHTS releases from Berkley in November. If book one, Nauti Boy, has not been read, I would recommend reading prior to NAUTI NIGHTS. It is not required but you won’t want to miss a single scene in the lives of these extremely naughty men.

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