Nauti Temptress
By Angel
Dec 23, 2012 - 1:22:53 PM

Eve Mackay has developed a strong relationship with her brother Dawg; he took her and her family under his protection and has taken care of them no questions asked.  Now he only asks one thing of her and that’s to stay away from Brogan Campbell.  Eve can’t explain the strong attraction she feels for Brogan or the feeling that what everyone thinks about him is wrong.  Can Eve go against her brother to claim the man she loves?

Brogan Campbell gives new meaning the words “bad boy”, everyone in the town thinks he’s a traitor to his country and that’s the way he prefers it for now.  Brogan has a job to do and it wouldn’t do to have everyone in his business asking questions and that includes Dawg Mackay.  The one complication is Eve, Brogan can’t keep his hands off of her and if it’s the last thing he does he will make that woman his own.  Now he just has to get past her overprotective guard dog of a brother.

Lora Leigh is well known for penning stories that reach out and grab the reader from page one and NAUTI TEMPTRESS does just that.  Steamy does not even begin to describe the interactions between Eve and Brogan; both characters are strong willed and very likable which make a dynamite combination.  Secondary yet familiar characters such as Dawg Mackay are important figures in the book and add much needed drama.  Full of action, suspense and drama this book has the perfect combination of all things that make a book great.  I absolutely love the NAUTI series and hope that Lora Leigh continues to come up with interesting plots and awesome characters that will keep readers coming back for more.

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