Neither Sand Nor Sea

Author: Kathleen Kubik

Publisher: Keene Publishing

Release Date: November 1, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Carla Montgomery is a young interior designer in
New York just coming into her own and starting to finally get a chance at some big projects when she is given a chance to work on a big new Rolling Hills development.  Her boss and best friend Anna Marcel is reluctant to give the project to Carla, not because she doubts her ability, but because Anna feels that Carla may be too naive to work with the man in charge of the project, Julian Swann.  Julian is a man who knows what he wants and will aggressively go after it.  Anna was afraid that Julian would take one look at Carla and want her (and she was right), but Anna was afraid that Carla would be swept off her feet and end up with a broken heart when Julian inevitably left her to go on to his next conquest.

Carla was thrilled to get the chance to work on Rolling Hills and even with Anna's warnings about Julian she felt that she could handle anything he would throw at her, plus he is married so that really makes him off limits.  When she finally meets Julian, Carla is stunned by the connection she feels with him and when Julian tells her that he is separated from his wife, Carla is swept into an explosive love affair.  After a few months Carla is forced to realize that Julian has no intention of leaving his wife and even though she loves him, Carla ends all personal contact with him and tries to move forward with her life.

In a quirky twist of fate a few months after the break up Carla is given a chance to get away from New York by taking a cruise on a sailing ship.  Carla looks at the chance for some time away to relax and try to get her feelings and life back in order.  On the cruise she meets the captain, Erik Andreassen and she is drawn to his quite strength and kind ways.  She spends the rest of her cruise talking, sharing and getting to know Erik and when she leaves they make plans for him to fly to New York on his next leave to stay with her.  

When Carla returns to New York , Julian calls her and tells her that he does love her and is going to divorce his wife so that he can be with her.  Carla now is struggling between her growing love for Erik and the leftover feelings she has for Julian and she is faced with the task of making some tough decisions.  She can only commit to one relationship and be true to herself, so she has to find a way to resolve all feelings she has for the man she decides is not right for her, so that she can go forward with the man that she loves.

NEITHER SAND NOR SEA by Kathleen Kubik is a wonderfully written true-to-live struggle one person goes through to find a future with someone to call her own and love.  Carla is a character that brings her problems out for all to see, but in a way that the reader is completely caught up in the drama of her life and eagerly turns the next page to find out how she is going to bring all the pieces of her life together and end up happy.  This book is a must read for everyone that enjoys a story with everyday people struggling to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as they can.

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