Nelson In Command : McKade Brothers Book One
By J.T.
Dec 6, 2006 - 3:55:00 AM

NELSON IN COMMAND. That is how he runs his business, how he runs his life. Or it was until his grandfather deems it necessary for Nelson to learn acquiescence by hiring him out to work under Widow Tanner at her dairy farm. How is a city slicker, used to doing things his way, going to survive in the country and under a woman's directives?  Having this hunky but arrogant Nelson is definitely not something local dairymaid, Ellen Tanner, is looking forward to.

Gutsy Ellen has the happy job of teaching the delectable Nelson the ropes of her farm. Not only is he not what she expected or needs at the moment, but he is pure trouble with all that distracting attractiveness. And to top it all off, there is his problem of taking orders from someone else.
Bound to a situation that each cannot and will not change, Ellen and Nelson are in for a summer that will change their lives a s they know it.
A delightful contemporary love story by Marin Thomas. Her quirky sense of humor shines through in the form of the sunny personality of Ellen Tanner, an independent woman who struggles on despite whatever obstacles life puts in her way. Love the way that Nelson's character is fleshed out by Marin too. He is definitely not your average executive-lost-on-a-farm kind of guy. Under Marin's skillful pen, Nelson and Ellen are brought to life, giving color and depth to the story with their very human flaws and emotions.

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