Nerd in Shining Armor

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Bantam/Dell

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Format: PRINT

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FINALLY!! Genevieve has finally been asked by her boss, Nick to go away with him on business for a couple days. It was well known what this business trip entailed. Genevieve is also convinced that she will be the last one he takes on his business trips. Unfortunately, they have picked up a spare passenger in the person of computer geek Jack, how is she going to have some alone time with Nick if Jack is around?

Jack has had a crush on Genevieve for months now, but all she saw was Nick. Although not surprised, Jack is disappointed when Gen became the girl of the week and accepted Nick's invite to go to Maui. Jack knows that someone as sophistcated as Genevieve
would never look twice at a nerd like him.

Things change rapidly when Nick jumps out of the plane leaving Gen and Jack to fend for themselves. Thankfully though, Jack is able to land the plane due to computer games, but will they survive on the deserted island until help comes?

NERD IN SHINING ARMOR by Vicki Lewis Thompson is the first single title by this popular author and all I have to say is what took so long? Ms. Thompson makes a smooth transition from category to single titles. Ms. Thompson put a fun and interesting twist to the fantasy of being stuck on a deserted island with a hunk, or in this case a geek. I loved watching Gen and Jack realise there was more to each other then what appeared on the surface.

I totally recommend NERD IN SHINING ARMOR, it will make you look at computer geeks in a whole new light.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Barb Hicks

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