Nerds Like it Hot
By Ann
Aug 7, 2006 - 10:08:00 AM

Gillian McCormick was just minding her own business when she witnessed the murder of a famous actor by the stepson of a known Mafia boss.  Running for her life, she is scared and unsure of what to do.  When her friend, Cora, a former actress from old Hollywood, suggests a cruise, Gillian has some reservations.  How will she survive a ship full of nerds and what will she do when she gets to her final destination?  Cora decides to hire two bodyguards for Gillian.  Can love blossom for a woman on the run on the nerd version of The Love Boat?

Lex Manchester and his partner, Dante, have known Cora since they were kids.  Now they are all grown up and have their own P.I. business.  When Cora offers them the job, they are a little skeptical, but when they meet Gillian, all of that changes.  Lex thinks she is a beautiful woman in a bad situation.  How can he protect her when all he can think about is being with her forever?

NERDS LIKE IT HOT had me rolling with laughter. Each scene mixed humor with a little romance.  Gillian is this unsure young woman who is transformed into this fun person by Cora, a larger than life older woman who is amazing.  Cora is so comical yet young at heart that I could see why she is so well loved by everyone who knows her.  Lex, the P.I. hired to guard Gillian, is a good blend of suave guy mixed in with enough nerdiness to make him adorable.  Lex and Gillian clicked without being rushed or forced onto each other.  It was nice to see that the cruise designed for nerds had each character embracing their nerdiness.  It became cool to be a nerd!  The memory game with the centerpieces was certainly unique and had me chuckling over the contestants' intensity.  The killer gave me the heebie jeebies but he was definitely unforgettable.  The secondary characters had their own relationships to deal with but they also gave a nice balance for Gillian and Lex.  It was like reading about one big loving family all trying to save one of their own.  NERDS LIKE IT HOT had me laughing and wondering if there are nerds trapped in gorgeous bodies.

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