Never Too Late
By Brooke Wills
Jun 8, 2015 - 9:40:07 PM

Clare Wilson has known for years that her handsome, charismatic husband has been cheating on her.  Over and over again.  But she can't quite gather up the courage to break away from him.  That is, until she is involved in a near-fatal accident.

Her long and painful recovery brings forth a new clarity as well as a new Clare.  It's time to get her self-respect back, take care of her son, and end her marriage.

Clare's new-found freedom also brings many new challenges.  Her teenage son is very angry with his father and is getting into some serious trouble.  Her return to teaching at the local high school is a disaster.

There are pleasant rewards as well.  Who wouldn't love to have two men, one a decade younger, the other a long-ago classmate, clamoring for her affection.

Clare knew she was taking charge of her life, but she had no idea her decisions were also bringing wonderful change to her two sisters who had also been hiding behind  issues and self-doubts.

NEVER TO LATE by number one bestselling author Robyn Carr is her updated reissue of the original 2006 release.  It is the story of starting over, new beginnings and painful endings.  It is a wonderfully written novel that is both poignant and hopeful. This is a must-read book that will make you laugh and if not outright cry, then certainly bring tears to your eyes because it's a tale with which we can all identify.  When you reach the last page, you will feel like you've spent the afternoon with best friends.

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