Never The Same

Author: Diane Craver

Publisher: Diane Craver

Release Date: February 26, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Her sex life almost nonexistent, Kimberly Collins knows her marriage is on the rocks.  When a plane crash changes her perspective on the way she has been living her life, can she make the adjustments needed to save her marriage?  Right before the accident, she made a promise to God to slow down and enjoy life.  While she plans to honor this spur of the moment prayer, Kimberly is thrown another curve ball when her husband Steve wants to start his own company far away from Chicago.  In spite of all this, Kimberly wonders if he will agree to have another baby. 

After a night of forbidden passion leaves her pregnant, Victoria Moorhead travels to New York City to secretly terminate her pregnancy.  A terrible plane crash causes Tori to change her mind; she now wants to keep her baby.  How does her father react when she reveals her pregnancy and her plans to raise the baby?  Though her boyfriend Ryan wants to get married, is Tori willing to forfeit her college scholarship to get married and raise a baby?


These two families come together, support each other’s decisions and lean on one another when the horrors of the crash become unbearable.  They form a bond that will last a lifetime. When Tori’s father wants Kimberly and Steve to adopt Tori’s baby, they are both shocked and elated.  The decision might need to be made quickly when Kimberly’s asthma gets the best of her and leaves her hospitalized.  Will Tori be able to trust Kimberly enough to take care of her unborn baby? 


Ms. Craver’s NEVER THE SAME is a heartfelt story about two families whose lives will intertwine for the rest of time.  I loved the realistic characters and I constantly felt as if I were right in the room with them watching everything as it evolved.  It was wonderful to read a story about something that could actually take place; a tale that, with its believability, could draw me in so deeply.  This book is for my keeper shelf. Thank you, Diane Craver.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Shayla

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