Never The Twain

Author: Judith B. Glad

Publisher: Uncial Press

Release Date: July 13, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Gennille Forsythe has grown up in a family of overbearing, controlling males. Genny spent her whole life giving in to their demands but when she got accepted into Harvard, she dug her heels in and followed her dreams instead of following the dictations of her father. Genny is determined to never let any man take her personal decisions away from her, not even a cowboy from Owyhee Country, Oregon.

Rockland McConnell knows very well that city women and this part of the country don't go well together. His own father's wife couldn't handle the isolation of living in Owyhee Country. There's no way he's going to let any tenderfoot woman from New Hampshire get under his skin, or give him any fancy notions about forever. He just wants her to sign off on the permit for a waterhole he needs for his cattle, who knew that would prove to be such a hassle.

Genny is doing an archaeological and historical inventory of Vale District for her job when she ends up driving on a trail that no vehicle should be driving on. Once she is back on level ground, she stops the vehicle to calm her nerves, and then spots a herd of really big cattle headed right at her. Convinced she's about to be trampled, she covers her face with her hands and waits for the cows to crowd her truck off the cliff. Genny didn't see the man driving the cattle until he approached her vehicle and noticing her fright told her to move over, so he could move her truck and get his cattle back to his land. Despite both of them being irritated, there is a spark of sexual excitement that neither are ready to give in to. Rock calls Genny "little lady" which she takes great offense at, so of course, he continues to do so. While he's attracted to her, he fully intends to protect himself from heartache and if the only way he can do that is by insulting her so that she wants nothing to do with him then so be it. After leaving Rock and his snide comments, Genny drives the truck back to Vale and parking it behind the BLM District Office, she bicycles the mile and a half to her apartment where she endures the complaining of her cat Marmalade and finds a letter from her Aunt Sophie. Rock realizes that he needs Genny to sign off on his plans for a watering hole. Despite his intentions to stay clear of temptation, Rock decides to do some fence mendin'. Rock's just hoping to get Genny out of his system at the same time so that he can get back to his ranching. Hopefully Genny won't find anything that would delay his plans for the pasture in Skeleton Gulch, the sooner she's gone, the safer his equilibrium will be.

NEVER THE TWAIN is a story sure to keep the reader smiling as you read about these two headstrong characters as they fight their attraction to each other while fighting to maintain their own needs. Genny fights anything as remotely controlling as her family has been and Rock is alpha male, controlling his woman is something he instinctively needs to do, however, he's unaware of how Genny has been raised, plus he doesn't believe she'd be able to handle living in the isolation his life involves. I couldn't decide what they were fighting more - their attraction to each other or their own needs for self protection. I absolutely love all the arguing Genny and Rock do, they're so at odds with each other and at the same time, both want the same thing. It's great fun just imagining the fireworks when the two of them ignite. Judith B. Glad has created the perfect story by combining a little bit of red hot sexual tension with some American history.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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