Never Too Much

Author: Lori Foster

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Motel owner and confirmed bachelor Ben Badwin is bored and edgy. He needs a woman and he needs a challenge, pretty much in that order. He gets both in a little fireball by the name of Sierra Murphy who has just opened her own landscaping business across the street from his motel. Sierra is like no woman that Ben has ever known before. Besides being sexy as all get out, she is blunt, confident, natural, independent and honest and Ben can’t believe how quickly he has gotten so addicted to and possessive of her. But there is something that she is not telling him. For reasons that he has yet to figure out, she is determined to keep an emotional distance between them and is very adamant about not letting him "take over" her life. Ben is determined to overcome the obstacles that she is placing between them because what started out as a challenge has evolved into something much, much more.

Sierra knew the minute that she laid eyes on Ben that he was trouble with a capital T.  No man who has the good looks, sex appeal and kindness of Ben Badwin should be allowed to walk around loose without some kind of warning sign for women.  Even though she knows that he is not what she needs in her life right now she can’t seem to help herself or find the inner strength to push him away.  But, when her ex-husband shows up in town she knows that she has to push him away because he will do anything to hurt her and he knows that the best way to do that is to hurt the people that she cares about.  And she does care about Ben, more than she ever thought was possible and if the only way that she can protect him is to let him go then that’s what she will do.


I have yet to read a Lori Foster book and not fall in love with the hero and super sexy Ben Badwin is more irresistible than most.  Ben is such a unique blend of bad-boy alpha male and little boy sweetness and charm that it is impossible not to love him.  Sierra with her blunt honesty is the perfect match for Ben as she succumbs to his charm while managing to maintain her independence, whether he likes it or not.  A work of Ms. Foster’s would not be complete without secondary characters that are as important to the story as the hero and heroine.  In NEVER TOO MUCH those characters come in the form of Sierra’s assistant, Kent Monroe, and Ben’s mother, Brooke Badwin, who have their own romance that is every bit as hot and compelling as Ben and Sierra’s.  Once again Lori Foster takes a blank sheet of paper, adds some words along with her own special magic and creates a keeper. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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