Never Too Old
By Katie
Oct 1, 2008 - 1:22:33 PM

Joe Dunberg may be a widower of ten years and fifty-six years old, but he can’t get passed his feelings for his surrogate daughter’s best friend, Holly who is thirty years younger than him. He would love nothing more than to have her under him and in his bed. But that can’t happen because they both live in a small town and he is a respected doctor. A relationship is not possible between them because of the age difference. So, Joe suffers in silence, as Holly remains clueless to his desire for her.

Holly has a major crush on Dr. Joe and decides to take that next step and try to seduce him. At first Joe doesn’t give into Holly’s moves, but he is at the breaking point and can not longer dent himself. Holly is more then willing to do anything with Joe, no matter how risqué.


Joe has never felt this way about any women, not even his deceased wife. But Joe will try to have a relationship with Holly. He just hopes the townspeople and his daughter will accept their love for one another. But when Holly is targeted by a stalker who wants her for his own, Joe will become more than just a lover to Holly, but her protector.


NEVER TOO OLD is perfect for readers who love a May/December romance. Joe may be old enough to be Holly’s father, but their love affair is smoking hot and really believable despite the age difference. Even though the romance is front and center, there is a bit of tension and suspense in the story, especially when Holly is attacked by an unstable man. Because of this, the relationship that Holly and Joe have together becomes more cemented and emotional.


Carol Lynne is well known for writing luscious romances with sex scenes that have a bit of an inventive and creative kick to them. In the mood for a sexy romance where love between two people defies age? Than, NEVER TOO OLD is the perfect read for you!


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