New Uses for Old Boyfriends - Black Dog Bay #2

Author: Beth Kendrick

Publisher: New American Library

Release Date: February 3, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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NEW USES FOR OLD BOYFRIENDS (BLACK DOG BAY #2) has a multitude of characters that are each quirky in their own way.  As we get to know them we see their vulnerabilities but also how they are nothing if not flexible no matter what is thrown in their path.

Kendrick's NEW USES FOR OLD BOYFRIENDS is women's fiction and emotions run the gamut of loss, sorrow, despair, denial, fear, anger, tears, happiness, success and more.  There are businesses to run plus new friends and old, family and the beach.  Black Dog Bay seems like a fun place to grow up even if everyone knows everyone else's business!  As we meet Lila she is on her way home with nothing except what she can toss in her behemoth SUV that she calls her FUV.  The first person she meets when she hits town is her high school sweetheart Ben.  Of course she and her mom are thinking they can reconnect now that they're back in town.  Their paths cross many times but is there really chemistry or has it already fizzled?  Daphne is in total denial about her money situation with her husband gone and is just digging the hole deeper.  Lila does the best she can to make her mom face reality.  Jenna and Summer are fun new friends for Lila along with Summer's almost sister-in-law, Ingrid, who is the adult in her dealings with Summer.  We meet some of the townspeople too even if some are just summer people.  An old high school friend Marcus is also front and center in many roles in the storyline.  He and Lila have a fun relationship that is leading towards a happily ever after.  Their relationship is more playful than serious but it seems it's what each of them need.

Despite all the twists and turns a lot of loose ends are tied up and there is nice closure since the last chapter is an epilogue of sorts.  There were discussion questions at the back of the book that made me think along with an excerpt of the first book in the series, CURE FOR THE COMMON BREAKUP, which I look forward to reading to get some of the back story and fill in the blanks.

Kendrick is a new to me author and I honestly don't know how I haven't picked up any of her books already.  I will be adding her books to my always growing TBR pile not only those set in Black Dog Bay!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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