New Flame
By Bea Sigman
Sep 23, 2003 - 3:47:00 PM

After being threatened with a knife and robbed three weeks ago, Judy’s sense of security still hasn’t returned.  So when she lights the lamp that her late aunt had sent to her and flames shoot across the room, she is definitely freaked out.  The last thing she needs after the set back from the robbery is to set her bookstore on fire.  But to Judy’s amazement, the shimmering flame is taking on the shape of a very naked, well built man.

Judy can’t believe her eyes or even her ears when this apparition not only saves her life from the very same robbery three weeks ago, but also informs her that she is his mistress.  A zmeu who is bound to the lamp and required to serve her, until he saves a life, a penance he must serve for wasting the life of another.  The lit lamp brings him to life and the sexual pleasure he bestows on her feeds him.  Will Judy leave the lamp lit and enjoy the fiery pleasures this creature wants to bestow upon her?


This is a very interesting short story filled with a mixture of real life and fantasy.  Ms. Carter adds an interesting twist when she shows us what happens to such a mythical creature when his bonds to the lamp are broken and he is set free.  For those looking for something different to read, Margaret Carter’s NEW FLAME is just the story to read. 

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