Newlyweds of Convenience

Author: Jessica Hart

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Mallory McIver’s marriage isn’t the hearts and flowers union that girls dream about - it’s a business arrangement.  Her fiancé/business partner left her in dire straights and in exchange for bailing her out of financial ruin all Torr asks in return is marriage.  She’s played the perfect hostess to his business associates and takes care of his home but she craves something more and is determined to go back to work.

Mallory’s stunned when Torr returns home from work and announces that he’s inherited an estate complete with a crumbling castle in the Scottish Highlands.  Torr’s sold his businesses and his home and has no qualms about trading in his business suits for casual wear and jeans and relocating to Scotland - but his wife is far from enthusiastic about his plans.  Mallory had intended to return to the workforce, but what chance of that is there if he’s serious about moving.  She doesn’t even have the option of remaining behind since he’s sold the house.  Her sister’s apartment complex doesn’t allow pets so she can’t move in there, and there’s no way she’d return her beloved dog Charlie to the shelter.


Mallory doesn’t understand what Torr gets out of their relationship.  She doesn’t see any reason why he’d even want her to stay with him in his new home.  There certainly won’t be any entertaining in such a remote place, so what does he expect from her?  To complicate matters, there’s only one decent bed and she’ll be sleeping with him - something she isn’t prepared to do.  She’s still hurt from Steve’s betrayal and secretly has held onto her feelings for him.  Can she continue to deny the truth about Steve?  Will she ever accept Torr and allow herself to see him as her ideal man?


Jessica Hart really fulfilled my every expectation when I picked up this book.  NEWLYWEDS OF CONVENIENCE takes readers to a highly romanticized setting and puts a more realistic spin on it.  Mallory and Torr are characters readers can easily empathize with - they’ve got hopes and dreams and are insecure about the future, but being in such an isolated location brings them together in a way neither of them ever anticipated.  What surprised me about this story was how emotionally involved I got - at one point I was in tears and had to go in search of tissues.  NEWLYWEDS OF CONVENIENCE is a heart-touching, charming read full of humor and heat.


Early congratulations to Jessica Hart on her fiftieth novel, LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL, due to be released in October.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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