News Blues
By Kerensa Wilson
Mar 28, 2008 - 2:43:25 PM

Maddy has dreamed of working as a producer at Newsline since she was just a kid. Now 27 years old, she’s stuck working at a local news station in San Diego. With assignments that seem to get her nowhere, she can only hope to one day stumble across the story that will get her into her dream career.

Maddy can’t believe her luck lately. Her boss at News 9 wants her to produce a piece on cosmetics that kill. It’s not exactly a piece that will have Newsline begging her to work for them, but the good news is she’s getting her own segment to produce. Better yet, she’s even getting her very own photographer to work with and lucky her, he is to die for. Unfortunately there is just one little snag, he just happens to be engaged and due to be married in three months.


NEWS BLUES works all the wonders of a bar of chocolate without any of the calories. It’s an absolute delight and a read you’ll be passing around to each of your girlfriends. Marianne Mancusi’s Maddy Madison is the character every woman can relate to. She’s smart, sassy, fun, and has a love for handbags. She was so much fun to follow along in NEWS BLUES that many readers will find themselves wishing there was a tv sitcom based around her character. NEWS BLUES is another fun filled treat not to be missed from the brilliant mind of Marianne Mancusi.

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