Nice Girl Naughty
By Suzie Housley
Sep 20, 2010 - 2:25:26 PM

Since she was nineteen, Summer Colby had lived her life in darkness.  She did not allow her blindness to stand in her way of becoming a world famous wood carver.  With her hands, she is able to carve magnificent artifacts that have made her a legendary artist. 


Summer’s life is endangered when she almost becomes the victim of a serial killer.  Miraculously, she is able to escape the madman’s clutches.  Fearing for her safety, her brother asks his best friend Nick Cassidy to become Summer’s bodyguard.


Nick has always been intrigued by Summer.  He knows he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.  He takes her to a secluded cabin in the wilderness.  The hideout brings the two of them together and gives them the perfect opportunity to explore their growing feelings.


While Nick and Summer are discovering their true feelings for one another, there is one who is quickly closing in on their location.  Will he succeed in his second attempt to put an end to Summer’s life?


NICE GIRL NAUGHTY has all the elements that are needed for an award winning novel.  Jan Springer has written a high action suspense that will keep you guessing.  I was highly impressed at how she was able to use Summer’s disability as an asset that allowed Nick the opportunity to paint the world for her in his own words.  Such realism as she is able to project will have you questioning if you are reading fact or fiction.

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