Nice Girls Finish First
By BJ Deese
Jul 1, 2005 - 12:07:00 AM

Kirby Green hasn't been vice president of Whips & Lace Manufacturing very long, but she knows being nice isn't what gets you ahead in life.  It takes a strong and determined person to make that happen.  That's just the role Kirby's in when she fires her entire marketing staff, because they didn't follow her orders.  Now, Kirby's boss, the buff Banning Stuart, is ticked off, and he's issued a little challenge.  Kirby has to find at least one employee who thinks she's nice, or she will miss out on her trip to Italy as well as lose her job.  Is there just one person who thinks she's nice?

Brianna, Kirby's secretary may be too nice for her own good.  Her fiance wants her to be the pregnant and barefoot type, but Brianna yearns to be more like her boss.  It's time Brianna let her fiance know that her dream of becoming an Opera singer isn't a joke, and if it takes putting off having children to make it happen, then that's what she's going to do.  Now, Brianna just needs to get up the nerve to tell him that.

Kirby and Brianna make quite the pair for a friendship.  At first glance, they are totally opposite, but maybe they are more alike than anyone would have guessed.  Kirby is taking on the role of Special Sibling to a beautiful young girl, and she really loves it.  And, soon she's getting more nice comments than she knows what to do with.  Things are changing for Kirby, including the attraction that is sizzling with her boss.  But, one of her top rules is:  no interoffice dating!  Darned if she doesn't want to throw that little rule right out the window, along with her rule of not getting into personal stuff with the staff.  It seems Kirby might actually enjoy being friends with her secretary.

Brianna's life is also being turned upside down.  She's feeing a definite attraction to her friend Jamie.  There's no way she can even allow herself to flirt with him.  After all, she is engaged.  If only she could get her libido to remember that.  Then there's the amazing audition her voice teacher arranged for her.  The time has come for Brianna to decide what exactly she wants in her life:  to just be the nice person, or to be brave and strong and follow her dreams.

What will happen to Kirby and Brianna in this laugh-out-loud funny yet poignant story?  One woman yearns for someone to truly think she's nice, while another is tired of being a doormat because of her niceness.

This book absolutely has it all!  I totally love NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST.  It's a chick-lit novel with romantic elements expertly weaved in.  Author Alesia Holliday has a fabulous writing voice, and there's no doubt I'll be snatching up anything with her name on it.  From start to finish, this book will hold the reader enthralled and eagerly anticipating what's to come.  Kirby and Brianna will have you laughing, sighing and crying.  I loved the fact that I could relate to both of these women.  This book is definitely an all around great read.  There's also an important life lesson to this story, and I think that is a central aspect of NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST!  Don't make the mistake of missing out on this book!  It will remain a cherished keeper on my bookshelf.

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