Nice and Naughty
By Dottie
Dec 10, 2012 - 4:50:18 PM

Detective Diego Sandoval is up for a coveted promotion to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. He gave his all to the job, conducting his investigations his way, not worry about other people’s opinions or the buddy thing. That is why he is so successful. Growing up had been tough. From the time he was three, his mother had left him to be shuffled between his Uncle Leon’s home and foster care. Every few years, his mother would show up again, but that never lasted very long. His uncle had predicted that he would never amount to anything so this promotion would show him. But to get the promotion, he needed the approval of his new captain of three months, Kinniston, who was big on rules, regulations, protocol and politics. This move to the big city was just what he needed. His past in small towns had left him claustrophobic, just as he was beginning to feel in Fresno. But the last thing he expected when he was called into his captain’s office was to be sent on a case in the small town of Diablo Glen, where there was not even a hotel where he could stay. But once in Diablo Glen, he found his new victim to be more than he ever asked for or expected. To make matters worse, instead of conducting the big investigations he was used to, he was sent there to investigate someone known as the Panty Thief. The thief would break in, steal a woman’s panties and sometime later, the item would be found somewhere causing amusement to all except the owner of the panties. Unfortunately, his promotion depended on his solving this case. But when he got a glimpse of his first victim, he could not help feeling that things were looking up.

Jade Carson grew up in Diablo Glen, but she had spent two years in San Francisco, attending school on fashion. However, after her father died, her mother had trouble dealing with his death and began to have health issues. So Jade had returned home, giving up the idea of the big city and between Jade and her two sisters, Beryl and Anne, they took good care of their mother, who was now in a wheelchair. But now with Anne married and Beryl engaged and about to leave home, it is left up to Jade to care for their mother. So she gives up her own dreams so that the rest of her family can have theirs.

When the townspeople clam up, protecting their own, Diego has trouble getting answers to his questions. So when Jade volunteers to help him by smoothing the way with the locals, he accepts. But soon sparks fly and they find it impossible to deny their desire for each other. As the investigation begins to come together, Jade finds that she is falling in love with the detective. But with her need to stay in Diablo Glen and his hatred of small towns, what chance do they have at a future together? As the Panty Thief’s antics escalate, it looks as if the thief’s actions have turned personal. Who is the Panty Thief and what does he/she have against Jade?

Absolutely delicious, NICE AND NAUGHTY, the latest book by gifted author Tawny Weber, is a witty, sensual romantic suspense that will have you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. Ms. Weber brings her characters to life with all their foibles and vulnerabilities for a truly enjoyable read, and she will keep you guessing right up to the end as to the outcome of the mystery. As a longtime fan of Ms. Weber’s work, I find that all it takes is seeing her name on the cover of a book to make it a must read. Filled with humor, suspense, well-drawn characters, mystery, sexy situations, sexual tension, clever repartee, plot twists, small town life, family dynamics, romance, love and a wonderful ending, NICE AND NAUGHTY is a delightful story that you will remember long after the last page is read and the book is closed. Highly Recommended!


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