Nick's Baby
By Phyllis Ingram
Feb 28, 2004 - 6:20:00 PM

Nick was wearing a tie for this interview.  He felt like a man about to be sentenced to hang. Nick hated ties, but for a job interview at O'Sullivan's Sheet Metal Company he had to wear it. He had received a note when he was at L'Allegria's Restaurant during a birthday party for his mother.  A note not meant for him, but at the time he did not know this. A note that said "I've got a job for you" and was on O'Sullivan stationery. All he did know was he needed another job to get his family out of Hell's Kitchen, and move them into a nice comfortable home in Queens.  This is why he was at the sheet metal company and about to meet Ms. Kelsey O'Sullivan. 
Ms. O'Sullivan with a voice like velvet.   Ms. O'Sullivan, Little Miss Plain and Simple.  Ms. O'Sullivan playing with a baby rattle. Ms. O'Sullivan, with no shoes on! Ms. Sullivan who blushed when she told Nick that she wanted him to be a sperm donor for her.

Needless to say, Nick Leonetti is shocked and says "It's crazy!! You're crazy! It's indecent. You've got the wrong man."  Kelsey came back with "Oh, are you sterile?"   The gauntlet has been thrown.  The war begins.  This is a romantic comedy not to be missed.


Nick is curious why Kelsey does not go to a sperm bank and have the procedure done?  Why does she not adopt?  Why is she asking him all these questions about family?  What qualifies her to be a good mother?  What's the matter with getting pregnant the normal way? Doesn't she have any friends who can help her with this project?


NICK'S BABY reminds you of Pretty Woman in reverse; a rich female Chairman of the Board meeting a construction worker and wants him to father her child. The kicker is she is willing to pay him to donate his sperm.  He does not consider sperm donation a job, being that he is used to working in the sewer, and busting rocks and lifting things.


NICK'S BABY was a wonderful story and is more sensual than other stories I have read by Rita Hestand.  Don't get me wrong, it is not down and dirty sex, but hints of wonderful close family love.  Ms. Hestand stresses family relationships in all her books I have read, and it's wonderful to have that happily ever after.


Ms. Hestand is an automatic read for me as I love the way she writes.  I plan on having all her books in my library.  I think you will enjoy this also.

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