Nick's Lady
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 25, 2007 - 4:25:44 PM

Andrea Fasselli has had a crush on her boss, Nick Tysinger, practically since she first laid eyes on him. Imagine her mortification when a stalker she met at a BDSM club tries to drag her from her workplace in handcuffs and Nick comes to her rescue. It's enough to make a grown woman weep!

Nick isn't shocked to learn that Andrea met Cal, her stalker, at a BDSM club. What he can't believe is that she's been literally dodging the guy over the past year because getting a restraining order had proved to be next to impossible as well as embarrassing. He's no stranger to the lifestyle and finds it extremely intriguing that Andrea shares his interest.

After rescuing Andrea from Cal's grasp, Nick talks with her about what happened and why she doesn't have a restraining order. Andrea’s explanation angers him and he promises to consult his attorney and ensure that a restraining order is filed for her. It was her venture into a BDSM club where she met Cal and she's a bit apprehensive about trying out the experience again. Fortunately Nick is a Dominant and he's taking a personal interest in helping Andrea recover from her bad BDSM experience. He admits to being interested in her and asks her to accompany him to The Pointe. Because of the employee/employer relationship Andrea doesn't think it’s a good idea. Nick has a plan to help her. They'll visit the BDSM club as friends. There will be no demands and they won't play with each other. Even the best laid plans take a backseat when desire proves to get the better of them. Will they find it awkward to work together after their personal lives become intertwined?

I loved Nick in DOMINANT BOYS OF SUMMER and had hoped for a follow up story for him so I'm thrilled that Katherine Kingston chose to bring him back for an encore performance. This guy is hot! He's 100% alpha and makes no apologies for his enjoyment of the BDSM lifestyle. I love how carefully he approaches Andrea about visiting the club with him. It's obvious that Cal's obsession has caused her some serious concerns and Nick intends to disburse her fears. The BDSM scenes are hot enough to cause a meltdown, but don’t worry because there’s plenty of emotional situations to keep even the most picky of readers happy. Want to know more about Julie and Dave from the first book? They play a memorable role in NICK’S LADY as well so sit back and enjoy! If you haven't read DOMINANT BOYS OF SUMMER, I'd suggest you do simply because it is a wonderful story, but it's not necessary in order to enjoy NICK’S LADY.

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