Night Hawk - Jackson Hole, Wyoming #10

Author: Lindsay McKenna

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: December 29, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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NIGHT HAWK (JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING #10) is a contemporary romance that returns us to Jackson Hole and the Triple H and Bar H ranches as well as the town.  We are reunited with some characters and introduced to others all with a deep work ethic and a belief in their abilities.

McKenna's NIGHT HAWK has ex-military in Kai, Gil, Talon and Cass.  Kai, being a female mechanic, has had a hard time finding work once out of the military.  Her father owns a ranch but since she's estranged from him she can't even step foot on his spread.  When she's hired on to the Triple H Ranch as the mechanic for all the machinery she's thrilled but there's a few surprises in store for her.  The Triple H Ranch is a family, whether they are related or not, and it's nice to see how they work and live together and genuinely care for each other. The characters all have a depth to them and there are many secrets to be revealed.  Gil and she have a history that's shown to us and one moment Kai's hating him and the next loving him. There is an evilness inherent in Chuck Harper, the owner of the repair shop where Kai rebuilds machine parts or buys spare parts, that Kai doesn't see although everyone warns her against him. Her naivety almost gets her killed.  Miss Gus, their neighboring rancher, is a hoot and has a heart of gold. We learn a lot about all the characters and what shaped them to be the way they are.

There are family and friends, ranches, horses, dogs, injuries, sadness, hurt, anger, angst, tears, fear, happiness, loving and love.  The descriptions of the lands and the ranch is breathtaking and vivid.  There are several happily ever afters and nice closure.

McKenna is a fairly new to me author.  I've read the fifth book in this series, THE WRANGLER, but need to catch up with all the other books.  I was happy to see there will be an eleventh book, OUT RIDER, coming out in February.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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