Night Heat
By Angel
Feb 4, 2008 - 5:19:55 PM

Jill Danvers is head over hills in love with Gabe.   Dreaming of a happy ever after, her life is shattered when he decides to marry another woman.   Not able to hang around and watch the happy couple, Jill picks up and leaves town hoping to never return.   Years pass and Jill now writes for a popular magazine.   It seems her next assignment will take her back to her old hometown.   Can she bear seeing her ex-love?

Gabe Carter is elated to see Jill and figures he can finally have the chance that he ruined with her so long ago.   Gabe intends to take this opportunity to prove to Jill that he made a mistake when he let her go and he’s not willing to do it again.   Problem is Gabe’s ex-wife has also come back into the picture and she will stop at nothing to get Gabe back.


NIGHT HEAT is a story that reaches out and grabs you.   Gabe is clever in his ability to move past Jill’s defenses.   Jill is smart and crafty and devoted to keeping Gabe at a distance.   The plot is made more muddled by Gabe’s manipulating ex-wife.   Passion is the name of the game and the seductive love scenes will capture your attention.   This is an amazing tale of long lost love that the reader will become involved in.   Desiree Holt has done a terrific job of creating wanton characters with an enticing story line.

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