Night of Inspiration
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2005 - 5:55:00 AM

Cassie writes romance novels for a living. With two boys at home writing is more of an attempt at keeping her sanity. She's purchased a book of sexual fantasies to try to liven up her marriage but she's convinced Craig has the lowest libido of any man on the planet. Maybe their date night will restore some of his passions.

Craig believes his wife is using their sex life as research study for her books. He has no problem with trying new sexual fantasies with Cassie, but there's no way he wants anything that happens between them to become part of one of her lurid books.

Craig's parents can't make it to their house to watch the kid's for date night, because the highway is closed. Her neighbor, Megan volunteers herself and her husband to watch the kids so that Craig and Cassie can go out and she tells them to stay out as long as they need. Craig and Cassie are at a restaurant when Cassie becomes brave enough to try fantasy twenty-six, and becomes dejected when Craig doesn't respond the way she had hoped he would. Instead, he's taken an extraordinary interest in dessert, strawberry shortcake, which he eats in the most extraordinary way. Will Cassie be able to find inspiration from somewhere other than experimentation with her husband?

After reading NIGHT OF INSPIRATIONS you will never think of eating strawberry shortcake as just a desert, it'll forever be an erotic experience in my mind. By incorporating characters that you feel could be any one of your neighbors and extremely sexy situations, Jenna Allen writes a story that had me enthralled in the pages and dreaming up a few fantasies of my own. Of course, now I need to know what the rest of the sexual fantasies in the book Cassie bought are. While NIGHT OF INSPIRATION is a relatively short tale, it's sure to keep you entertained while you live vicariously through the characters' stories.

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