By Dottie
May 5, 2008 - 9:28:54 AM

Sean O’Sullivan, a lawyer, is also part owner of the Prime bar with Daniel and Gabe, his two brothers.  Gabe actually runs the bar and Daniel takes care of the books.  Sean helps whenever needed and he handles the legalities of running the bar.  He loves his life the way it is.  His days are filled with his chosen profession and his nights are spent either helping out at Prime or with one of the many women who love him.  He is not ready to settle down.

Cleo Hollings is the City Deputy Mayor.  With all the responsibilities she has, there is usually little time for a social life or even sleep.  She has a demanding career at the office, and takes care of her mother with Alzheimer’s at home.  Though she expects a lot from her employees, she expects no less, and at times even more, from herself.  Between her demanding job, her challenging mother and the nightly dreams that leave her unfulfilled, she craves more.  In fact, she never realized how lonely she was until Sean O’Sullivan walks into her office.  However, she is only looking for a quick escape.  She does not have time for anything permanent.


Ever since renovations began at Prime, there have been problems with City Hall.  Though Sean has handled each problem as it arose, Prime has now been shut down by several departments, all covered by City Hall.  Deciding it is time to go to the top, Sean charms and bribes his way into the City Deputy Mayor’s office.  However, he is captivated when he sees the lovely politician for the first time.  When Cleo promises to look into the situation, Sean is not satisfied and knows he must keep after her.  After a couple meetings, he can’t get her out of his mind.  He knows she is ‘the one,’ but wonders why she won’t go out with him at night.  Imagining Cleo is married – although she denies it – Sean hires a private investigator to find out about her.    What will she say when she finds out he is having her investigated?  Who is causing problems with Prime at City Hall?


NIGHTCAP, the third book in the Those Sexy O’Sullivans trilogy, is a steamy hot, romantic novel.  Containing witty dialogue, sizzling romance, an intriguing plot and a whiff of mystery, this novel is a delight.  Anticipation will keep readers turning pages to see what happens next as Sean – who is used to women falling at his feet – has to fight for Cleo’s attention as he attempts to find out who is causing problems for Prime at City Hall.  I highly recommend NIGHTCAP for those who love steamy romances.  Those who enjoy this novel will also enjoy the first two books in this trilogy, SHAKEN AND STIRRED and SEX, STRAIGHT UP.

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