Nighttime Sweethearts
By Suzie Housely
Jan 1, 2014 - 4:40:08 AM

Cynthia Forsythe lived in the shadow of her famous mother.   She dreams of the day when she can break free of her meek existence.  One night she throws caution to the wind, and decides to take a moonlight swim.

In the shadows Rick Barnett spies Cynthia.  She is no stranger to him for they had both shared a brief love in high school, but Cynthia turned her back on him because he was from the wrong side of the tracks.  Rick managed to become a successful architect, but an unfortunate construction accident leaves him blinded in one eye and with permanent scars.

In the protection of the dark, Rick goes to Cynthia; she knows the night protects him from seeing the devastation he has suffered.  Cynthia is enthralled by the man of mystery, when he demands a kiss for allowing her to retrieve her clothes she should be shocked, instead she finds herself intrigued. 

Will the nighttime romance be able to survive once the daylight hours reveal the truth?  Or will Cynthia once again turn her back on Rick and all that he has to offer?

NIGHTTIME SWEETHEARTS will wrap itself around any true blue romance reader’s heart.  There is no way they can resist the beloved characters of Rick and Cynthia.  Cara Colter has done an outstanding job in writing a book that overflows with emotional energy.  With the perfect setting, imperfect characters, and a romance so deserving of love, there is no way this book should be missed.

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