No Escape
By Natasha Smith
Oct 1, 2008 - 12:22:16 PM

Isabelle Carson refused to believe that so many of her friends have committed suicide.  The survivor of a particularly seedy and foul foster home and vile foster father, Isabelle has strived to make something of herself and has done so.  But so did her friends that have died.  Knowing there is a connection and scared that she is next, Isabelle contacts the one man that saved her so long ago – Grant Kent.  She knows calling him is a long shot but feels he needs to be warned.  If her friends are dying, he could be next.  She didn’t count on Grant showing up on her doorstep willing to help her.

Grant Kent has never forgotten Isabelle Carson.  Finally retired after many years in Delta Force, he is looking forward to his new occupation as a security consultant.  Hearing a voice from so long ago asking him to be careful, Grant knows Isabelle is spooked and decides to pay her a visit, which in turn becomes so much more than just looking up an old friend.


Grant refuses to leave Isabelle, even if he is in danger, much to her dismay.  If there is anything Grant is trained for, it is this dangerous situation.  The feelings he has for Isabelle are new to him, but he is willing to see where their relationship leads. 


As with her previous two books, Shannon K. Butcher treats readers to an outstanding romantic suspense.  The mystery surrounding Isabelle, as well as the intriguing plot, gained my attention and never wavered.  Add in steamy and romantic love scenes and I was unable to put NO ESCAPE down.  Fast paced, suspenseful, and sensual – NO ESCAPE has it all and I, for one, am a die hard fan of this talented author. 

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