No Lady and Her Tramp
By Patti Fleishman
Dec 19, 2003 - 7:16:00 PM

So, you think you can just pull up a chair and sit yourself down and write a steamy romance novel, heh?  Well, that’s exactly what Beth Ann Dixon plans on doing; and don’t you dare tell her otherwise. Well, there is one thing she needs in order to do this writing stuff and that’s a computer.  Even with her busy schedule, as owner and head hair stylist at Kut-N-Kurl and her husband Billy Ray working as a mechanic at the local auto repair, she just can’t see her way through to purchasing that necessary item.  Of course, when you least expect it, the winnings can be high when you’re a regular at Wednesday night bingo at St. John’s Catholic Church. 

Beth Ann desperately wants to get away from Grapevine, Kentucky and the President Trailer Park where she and Billy Ray live.  There’s no way she’s going to stay there for the rest of her life and live with those people.  Those people being her very nosy neighbors. She and Billy Ray can’t do anything without them knowing their business.  Of course, the private lives of her peeping acquaintances aren’t so private either with Beth Ann watching every move they make. 


One neighbor Beth Ann can do without is Shirley Snodgrass.  Her claim to fame while living in President Trailer Park, is her long-standing gig as a gossip columnist with the “Grapevine Gazette”.  Her little slice of rumor mill heaven is known as “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and tells the sordid details of the lives of many of the residents of the trailer park.  Most of these tidbits of information come from Shirley’s great undercover work – undercover meaning under the cover of darkness.  One of the most mentioned guests in Shirley’s column happens to be Beth Ann who wants nothing better than to get back at Shirley.

Then, there’s crazy, destructive Troy Finkmyer and his meek wife, Mary Jo. Troy drives a taxi for a living.  He also has quite an interesting side life, too, that caters to many of the local women.  Mary Jo, whom everyone feels sorry for, seldom ventures out of her tiny metal home.  There are a multitude of secrets behind those walls, some of which are better left unknown.

Billy Ray enjoys his free time drinking beer at the “Amtrak” and flirting with the women who are always giving him the eye.  That’s the one thing that bothers Beth Ann.  Even though they are still in love after all of these years, the sparks have dwindled.  She aims to rekindle those and make fireworks. 

With her trusty computer and an internet connection, Beth Ann winds her way around the cyber world.  One of her finds is Stefan, the world’s best lover.  He knows all about women and how to make them happy.  One of his greatest pleasures is sharing his wealth of knowledge in the ways of romance and steamy seduction with Beth Ann.

Armed with her highly overzealous imagination and her desire to be rich and famous, Beth Ann types her little heart out.  What happens next will have you wondering about your own neighbors.  Whenever you see them watching you and smiling, you’ll wonder just what they know, what they have seen, or what they’ve ever heard about you. 

Kristie Leigh Maguire and Mark Haeuser have outdone themselves with this unique story.  I was hooked from the first page.  Even through the more serious moments, I was drawn into their vividly presented world of President Trailer Park and Grapevine, Kentucky.  There is something for everyone in NO LADY AND HER TRAMP.  It has humor, mystery, steamy moments, and an interesting cacophony of characters.

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