No Limits
By CinLee
May 18, 2009 - 3:18:43 PM

Michelina Ferrer, heir to a perfume company and tabloid princess, has humiliated herself one too many times. In hopes of ducking the press and her father’s wrath, Michelina, known as Micky to her friends, takes off to Louisiana to visit with her old college friend. Little did she know she would find herself in the center of the intrigue of her friend’s disappearance.

Exhausted and still healing from a failed SG-5 mission, Simon Baptiste finds himself hiding in his apartment and carrying on conversations with the billboard which fills his view. Featuring one very gorgeous Michelina Ferrer. Deciding enough is enough, he packs up for a trip to Louisiana to check up on the family homestead and possibly his estranged cousin. What he didn’t expect was to find a frightened and injured woman hiding out in the ruins of his house.

The attraction is instant as heat flares between Micky and Simon as soon as their eyes meet. Layers of secrets are revealed as they work at searching for what happened to Lisa, Micky’s friend and why Simon’s house hasn’t been kept up with the money he had been sending for its upkeep. Simon reunites with his cousin, King, as they search through old papers on the Landry family.

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