No Longer Mine
By Contessa
Mar 1, 2005 - 6:00:00 PM

On a normal shopping day, Nikki ran into the one person from her past who she hoped to never see ever again in life, Wade Lightfoot.  Wade was not alone; he had his beautiful daughter with him. To come face to face with young eyes so familiar to Nikki is more than she could bear, so she turned and ran out of the store, away from everything.  For years, Nikki has been running away from the pain caused by Wade's betrayal.  A great pain that almost ended her life and took away a life that was very dear to her heart.  Nikki was determined not to allow Wade near her heart again, because loving and losing him was just too much to endure.

Wade was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see Nikki.  He was equally astonished when Nikki immediately turned and ran away from him and his daughter, like they carried a harmful plague.  Wade thought he would never see Nikki again in life after he caused her great heartache by betraying her with another woman.  Wade has always been and is still in love with Nikki.  Now, if only he can find away to make Nikki forgive him, he might be able to convince her to give their love a second chance.


From the very beginning, NO LONGER MINE captured my interest and held it until the very end.  The first chapter brought tears to my eyes and had me saying to myself 'I can't believe that just happened!'  I knew I had started to read a great book when it started with such enormous emotion.  As an avid reader of Shiloh Walker novels, I can honestly say that she has out done herself with NO LONGER MINE.  This well-written, magnificent novel is not an erotic saga; in fact, it is a loving romance story that will touch your heart and pull heavily on your emotions.  This book is definitely a keeper and I would recommend this amazing read to all!

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