No Longer Mine
By Missy Andrews
Aug 28, 2003 - 10:58:00 PM

Eight years ago Nicole "Nikki" Kline was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks struggling to survive until she was old enough to get out. Then she met Wade Lightfoot and he became a light in her dark world. From the day that he was one of the paramedics who answered the call to a young girl on a bicycle who had been side swiped by a car, Wade became her friend and protector. Even though Nikki would have loved more than friendship from him, she already knew enough about life to understand that a true friend was much more valuable than a boy friend, so friends they remained. Until one Christmas when Wade looked at his friend and saw her as a beautiful young woman and wondered when exactly she had come to mean everything in the world to him.

They stayed together and their relationship progressed to its natural stage until their wedding was only a few weeks away. Until one night they had a terrible fight and Wade got drunk and made a mistake . . . the worst kind of mistake a man can make. A mistake that ripped their world apart and one that Nikki almost didn’t survive. But, unbeknownst to him, Wade had given her a gift that would force her to go on living. Now, a couple of years later Nikki is once again faced with a tragedy that will test her will to survive and just when she thinks that she may actually be able to start living again Wade moves back to town.

They are both stunned to see the other, not just because of the surprise but because they realize that everything they felt for each other is still very alive and powerful. However, the way they deal with those realizations are totally opposite. Wade is determined to have Nikki back in his life. He knows that he hurt her all of those years ago but when he looks into her eyes he sees more than hurt from the past. He sees total devastation and a sadness that is so beyond anything he can imagine and he can’t help but wonder who or what put it there. Nikki is determined to stay as far away from Wade as possible. She is so fragile that she knows she cannot survive the loss of anyone else that she cares about and she knows that there is no way she can be around Wade and not fall head over heels all over again.

You may be thinking that this is one of the most depressing sounding books that you have ever heard about. Yes, it is full of sadness and tragedy but it is also one of the most uplifting and inspiring books I have ever read. I’ll give the ending away and tell you that Wade and Nikki do find their happily ever after and by the time they did I wanted to jump and cheer. The obstacles that they overcame to get a happy ending are phenomenal and make it so much more extraordinary. I have been an avid reader my whole life and of romance for the past five years, I have read thriller-romance, erotic-romance and everything in between. So, I feel very confident in saying that Shawna Gage, which is an old pseudonym used by Shiloh Walker, packs more emotion into her stories and makes the reader feel what the characters are experiencing more so than any author I have read. This one gets a resounding five ribbons only because I can’t give it ten.




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