No Matter What

Author: Jordana Ryan

Publisher: Amira Press

Release Date: April 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Cassandra is weary and worn down from the life into which she’s descended. One-night stands, dead-end jobs, lousy apartments and neighborhoods are no way to live, let alone raise a child. She loves her three-year-old daughter Becca, and finally realizes that Becca deserves to be brought up somewhere safe, with people she can trust. Somewhere like Indigo, the hometown she fled at age seventeen.  

Knowing she was pregnant, unwilling to be a burden to either her foster parents or her boyfriend Brenden, Cassandra ran away, determined to make it on her own. Now she knows she needs to return, to try to make amends to those she’s hurt. No one from Indigo knows about Becca except for Cass’s best friend Reese, and Cass knows that their anger at her will only be compounded by having kept Brenden’s daughter a secret.


When Cassandra ran away, Brenden was destroyed. He was completely devoted to Cass; he loved her and hoped to marry her, and has never understood why she left the way she did. Her foster family, the Trenton’s, feel the same pain and confusion. When Cassandra only trusted Reese with her motives and whereabouts, and the tight-lipped Reese refused to talk, Brenden and the Trenton’s saw this as a betrayal of their love and friendship by both girls. Subsequently, Cassandra’s return to town is met with anger and harsh words from everyone except Reese.  


Cassandra and Brenden, both emotionally scarred from losing parents, have made a habit of self-destructive behavior following their breakup.   Cass’s return forces them to change and work together for Becca’s sake. Cass and Brenden also must learn to deal with the past as well as the love they still share. But old doubts and insecurities still plague the two lovers and threaten to destroy the bond they’ve begun to form.


Filled with emotion, NO MATTER WHAT is a rollercoaster ride of heartache, loss, and joy. Both Cassandra and Brenden, unable to believe they’re deserving of love or second chances, seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes time and again. They’re the quintessential tortured lovers, kept apart by their own fears and uncertainty rather than an outside force. The heartbreak provides an emotionally gripping read, and will leave readers anticipating the next book by debut author Jordana Ryan.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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