No One But Madison
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 1, 2008 - 5:34:00 PM

As an undercover journalist, Madison is a master of disguise. Normally she plays a bum or bag lady. Transforming herself into a sexual slave or submissive is asking too much. Once she learns about the abuse happening inside the BDSM club known as Train Me, Chain Me, Madison won't let anything stop her from uncovering the source. Including the insufferably domineering Drake Williams, V.P. of 'Exposed,' the magazine where Madison is employed.

Drake Williams is more than just the V.P. of 'Exposed.' He's also into the D/s lifestyle as a Dom. He has taken a personal interest in the Dom who is abusing the subs and slaves at Train Me, Chain Me. After meeting Madison, Drake knows that there's no way she could pass for submissive, she's too bold and doesn't appear to be a passive bone in her body. But then again, Drake has a feeling there just might be a submissive woman buried under her self protective smart mouth attitude.

As the youngest sibling to three brothers, whom Madison refers to as "the three bears," she's grown up knowing how to hold her own against any man stupid enough to try to outwit her. Her cousin and employer, Rob, insists that she's perfect for the BDSM club assignment and under disguise could easily infiltrate the scene undetected. While Rob's pushing her into the assignment has Madison balking at having any part in it, it's Drake's insistence that she could never pull it off that has Madison determined to prove that she can and will. Nobody tells her what she can or cannot do! Besides, Madison knows that her Aunt is known as Mistress Louisa and she can arrange for a Master to train her. With or without the support of 'Exposed,' Madison is going to enter the BDSM scene and uncover the abuser. Drake also knows Mistress Louisa, in fact, she owes him a few favors, which he intends to collect, starting with getting the pleasure of being Master D for Madison's sessions. Madison has fantasized about being dominated. Since meeting Drake, the visual imagery in her head alone is enough to have her in a constant state of arousal. Drake's still determined to get Madison to agree to stay away from the club, but when one of her loved ones is attacked, Madison becomes more determined than ever and it's up to Drake to ensure that she's ready.

Doreen Orsini's NO ONE BUT MADISON is a thrilling joyride into the wonders of BDSM - both the good and bad sides of the lifestyle. Madison is an awesome character. Her intelligent, caring attitude, and determined spirit had me spellbound throughout the storyline. Drake is perfect for her. He's domineering but he doesn't try controlling every facet of her being. He accepts that she feels the need to stop the abuse at the club and does his best to prepare her as much as possible. The suspense builds throughout the book to a dramatically shocking ending that is just perfect. I loved every second of this book and hope to see many more like it from Ms. Orsini.

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