No Ordinary Summer
By Sherri Myers
Jul 20, 2004 - 11:42:00 PM

Shelley Anderson is a divorced mother of two small children seeking some peace and quiet for her summer. Upon seeing an ad for Sea View House in Pilgrim Cove, Massachusetts, she decides a little time away might do her small family some good. After agreeing to rent the lower half of the house, Shelley soon runs into the professor who is renting the upper half. He certainly wasn't what she had expected! Tall, handsome, and definitely not gray-haired, as she had assumed! She begins to feel the stirrings of desire she has kept buried all too long. With him living right upstairs, Shelley knows she is in for NO ORDINARY SUMMER.

When Professor Daniel Stone decided to rent the upstairs of Sea View House for the summer, he certainly wasn't looking for company. He just wanted to enjoy a quiet summer away from California and his memories of his dead wife and unborn baby. Fortunately for him, the legacy of Sea View House wasn't about to be foiled with his arrival. He is soon spending time with Shelley and her captivating children, and they are all equally enthralled with him and his Golden Retriever Jessie. Before long, love is in the air once again at Sea View House. What will happen when Shelley's ex-husband arrives on the scene seeking a reconciliation? 

Linda Barrett has written another winner in her Pilgrim Cove series with the second of four books planned. NO ORDINARY SUMMER is a feel-good read that will soften your heart and have you believing in fairy tales. When you turn the final page, you will still want to experience more of Pilgrim Cove's magical world. With two more books coming in 2005 in this series, we won't be disappointed. I have enjoyed reading Linda Barrett's excellent romances, and hope you will take time to search out her work. I don't think you will be sorry you did.

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