No Place Like Home

Author: Linda Leah Miller; Kat Martin; Mary Carter and laura Florand

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Release Date: December

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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THE CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL will bring many wonderful memories of years gone by and how important it is to keep those memories tucked away in your heart. 24 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS with a calender to share each day, makes wishes come true. An angel is always needed for the Christmas season and then a rose in the white of the season can be very outstanding. Put altogether into a book and you have some wonderful reading to curl up to.

THE CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL by Mary Carter is a symbol of the past with many fond memories for Georgia Bradley. Losing her business to a future improvement of the local area is tearing her apart and she is determined to fight for her antique store known as Trash and Treasures. The magic begins when a carousel horse arrives at the door of her store. This is just not any carousel horse, but the very one she rode as a small child. This was a very heartwarming story that will get you into the Christmas spirit.

A ROSE IN WINTER by Laura Florand reminds Allegra of her mother's words "don't talk to strangers", but that doesn't mean she will follow that advise. A stranger walks her home after a night at a local tavern and this leads to some very close encounters. The words of her mother were forgotten and luckily Allegra found a handsome gentleman who she is able to trust. This story will fill you with some wonderful and warm moments.

THE 24 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS by Linda Leah Miller leads a lonely man who has a young daughter back to the real world. After the loss of his wife Frank  Raynor had little hope of living a life full of happiness and joy. Frank met an old friend, Addie Hutton, who moves back to where she used to live as a child. Addie finds herself in charge of a step-son and the two families share good times and moments while each are fighting not to recall their past lives. Their meeting was by chance but what follows is such a happy story for this time of year.

CHRISTMAS ANGEL by Kat Martin takes the reader to the south following the Civil War where hardships and pain are still very strong among the town folks. After losing homes and loved ones, Angel Summers hates the Yankees. When her old, close friend Josh Caltiane returns, she is not happy to see him. Forced to change her mind when her little brother, and only family member still alive, need a doctor and the only one available is Josh.  Can Angel truly trust the man again?

These four stories will warm your heart and help to show what the Christmas season really stands for, forgiving,love, caring and helping friends and foe.

I highly recommend NO PLACE LIKE HOME because it includes four wonderful authors whose words can be so warm and cozy in each of these stories. This is a great season to curl up with a book and enjoy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sue Leech

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