No Place Like Home
By Briana Burress
Jun 10, 2006 - 7:09:00 PM

Lisa Barton was only ten years old when she found herself trying to protect her mother from the angry clutches of her stepfather's violent temper.  The situation quickly got out-of-control and she ended up shooting her mother instead.  It was proven to be an accident.  But, to this very day, the tabloids continue to call her "Little Lizzie Borden."

Leaving her childhood curse behind, Liza builds a new life and is now known as Celia Foster Nolan.  Her first husband succumbed to a dreadful disease and leaves her a widowed mother to their young son, Jack.


Even though Celia has been married to her second husband for six months, she has yet to tell Alex the details of her devastating past.  The birthday gift Alex presents Celia renders her speechless - someone has written "Little Lizzie's Place" in red paint in the front lawn of the house he has given her.   


The whole town is talking about the murder of Georgette Grove, the real estate agent that sold Alex the house.  All clues point to Celia's guilt in the murder.  To add to her ordeal, a stalker is leaving deadly messages on her phone.  Will she be able to keep her wits intact long enough to prove her innocence?


There is no end to the twists and turns as you try to unravel the devious plot in NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  Celia must face greed and treachery at its worse as she discovers the truths of her past and present life.  Mary Higgins Clark gives us characters so convincing that it is hard to tell who the bad guys are until the very climactic and shocking end.

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